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Havas Australia launches entrepreneurial initiative to help industry professionals impacted by COVID-19 turn their side hustle into their main event

It is estimated that two thirds of Australians have a side hustle, but for many people over the last few months, those side hustles have fast become their only hustle. And as anyone who has started a successful new business knows, it requires a lot of advice, support and specialist skill, to get a business idea off the ground. In fact, it takes a village.

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Research finds Australians unprepared for using digital healthcare

Research just released by Red Havas highlights that there will be a huge learning curve for most Australians following the Federal Government’s recently announced roll out of telehealth and telecare initiatives, allowing people to access healthcare professional appointments remotely due to the need for social distancing.

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Why you might want to take note of TikTok

12 months ago, if you were to hear the phrase ‘Tik Tok’, you’d either think someone was counting down until you had to do something or if you’re a music fan, you may have thought about the hit single by the singer Ke$ha. Today, TikTok will often trigger an entirely different response among millennials – a new social media platform that is taking the world by storm. And it was only created 3 years ago.

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